Jane Dominey, FemFlow Fertility Yoga Teacher, Fertility Coach

Welcome to FemFlow

I'm Jane Dominey, the creator of FemFlow Yoga.  I help women restore hormonal balance, achieve their dream to become a mother, and/or overcome symptoms of perimenopause/menopause with yoga, meditation and coaching.

I have been teaching yoga for women for 15 years.  I am a certified Osteopathic manual therapist, hormone yoga therapist, fertility yoga teacher, I am specialized in pelvic floor recovery and safe abdominals for women and clinical pilates instructor.  I am also a transpersonal coach and certified crystal bodyworker. 

I know how challenging fertility struggles, IVF, hormone imbalance and menopause can be, and I'm here to tell you that you're not alone and to encourage you to take simple steps to get real results.  The secret is in the practice.   

Over the years, I have supported many of my students to overcome symptoms of PCOS, make the decision to become a Single Mum, lean into yoga and meditation through the IVF process, and I have even supported women with FET (fertile egg transfer) after menopause.  It seems like nothing is impossible if you know what you want and you have your heart set on it!

All of this inspired me to deeply study and research yoga for women, living in harmony with your menstrual cycle, acupressure points for the reproductive system, how meditation can calm the nervous system and regulate hormones and how I can support women going through fertility struggles, miscarriage, post partum recovery and menopause. Which I believe are some of the most difficult challenges women will experience in life. 

I also love dancing Argentine Tango. Feel free to check out my yoga for dancers series.  (made with love and friends, we also host yoga for tango dancers retreats!)