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Holistic fertility support for
trying to conceive naturally/IVF

Lean into 1-1 fertility support or join our community and practice fertility yoga, meditation and self care with us.聽 Enjoy livestream fertility yoga classes or practice in your own time with our series of cycle specific fertility yoga videos and meditation audios from the comfort of your own home.聽聽

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Fertility Yoga, Meditation, Self care & Support

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Stimulate your reproductive glands, increase blood flow and nerve function to your ovaries and uterus and relax your nervous system with our proven series of cycle specific fertility and ivf yoga flows.


A powerful ritual of breathwork, visualization and full body relaxation to reprogram your subconscious mind and signal your body it's safe to conceive.聽Release stress and聽 reset your nervous system.


Let go of harmful habits and lean into fertility self-care rituals. Nurture yourself with fertility massage and follicle fuelling comfort foods and bath your body in natural products. Cleanse & recharge your fertility.


You are not alone.  Our live support calls, fertility coaching and friendly community will be there for you. Share your journey, get advice and message us in the moment, we'll give you the strength you need!

Fertility yoga for every twist & turn into pregnancy

Miscarriage recovery 路 Failed cycle support 路 Heal your heart 路 Make decisions 路 Egg & sperm donation 路 Regulate your cycle 路 Identify your fertile window 路聽 IVF stims 路 IVF retrieval 路 Transfer day 路 Survive 2 week wait 路 Early pregnancy聽

1-1 Support and special variations for PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Injuries and operation recovery

You can even listen to our meditations while self injecting or sitting in the waiting room.聽
FemFlow support聽is literally in your pocket 24/7

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Amanda, Spain

鈥淚 thought it was over when IVF failed, but after 3 months of Yoga with Jane, I got pregnant naturally"

After trying naturally and with IVF, I decided to try Fertility Yoga. It was a new type of yoga and breathing technique for me, and it was worth it, after just 3 months, I got pregnant naturally! Then I moved into the pregnancy yoga class, which was just what my body needed and I made really good friends on the course, there was even a girl who gave birth the same week as me! I definitely recommend if you are looking for natural fertility help and great yoga classes.

Sarah, UK

"Jane supported me deciding to become a Solo Mum, IUI and through pregnancy, she was the first person I told when I got
my positive"聽

After taking Jane's class at the Fertility Show in London, I signed up for individual yoga with Jane to support me on my journey to becoming a single Mum. She is so supportive and is a fountain of knowledge about fertility and mindset! I've learnt so much and felt supported by Jane every step of the way. The weekly 1-1 coaching and yoga practice have really helped my frame of mind through the ups and downs of the fertility journey. And the yoga and meditation videos Jane has created are brilliant. I practised the meditation before clinic appointments to calm my mind. I was successful on my first attempt at IUI and Jane was the first person I told when I got my positive pregnancy test and I believe the fertility yoga had a big part in preparing my mind and body for this process. Thank you Jane!

Giselle, USA

“After trying for 1 year, I got pregnant first cycle" 

FemFlow yoga and meditation are so powerful. We were "trying" for a year before I joined. I learnt so much about my cycle, started tracking my ovulation and practicing cycle specific yoga and I got pregnant after 1 month. It was so good to have a yoga practice that I could trust while trying to conceive and during my pregnancy and the support calls with the girls were so special for me. I'm an airhostess, so having the classes livestream and all the videos made it possible for me to practice and share my journey. Thank you Jane, I just love what you have created!  100% recommend!

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Inside the Fertility Membership Program

Multidevice 1080p Full HD videos & App (Apple / Android)聽

Fertility & IVF Yoga videos 路 Meditation audios 路 Fertility coaching 路 Fertility massage 路 Supportive community

Femflow fertility yoga video

1-1 Fertility Support

As soon as you enroll, we'll have a 1-1 call to discuss your personal needs and any special variations you might require so you can get started聽with聽confidence. If you suffer from endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, thyroid issues, or have experienced a loss, I'm here to offer you the support and guidance your need for your fertility yoga practice. You can also email questions 24/7 or connect with me in our support messaging group.

Livestream classes and community calls聽聽

Join us for livestream classes and community calls. Practice together and share your fertility journey. (If you can't make it, don't worry, catch the replay in your own time). You can share your fertility story, ask questions or just listen, we'll be there for you.聽

Yoga, fertility massage and meditation videos聽

Log in, roll out your mat and follow our cycle specific yoga videos, guided fertility massage and relaxing meditations.聽 Simply follow the program, go with the flow and relax in the knowing that you're doing the right practice at the right time for your cycle.

Tutorials, coaching & e-Book

Learn how to track and decode your cycle symptoms and predict your fertile window. Sync your yoga and nutrition to support your聽hormones and emotions聽in each phase or treatment stage. Detox any beliefs, habits or products that are harming your fertility and replace them with a healthy mindset and nourishing self care rituals.

Monthly Challenges

Every month we'll enjoy a Moon Mission! (Group event/challenge) designed to help you effortlessly install healthy habits in an inspiring way or dive deeper into your yoga or meditation practice.

All you need to know for聽your Fertility and IVF self care
in one program

Save time, money and stress by following our step by step fertility program.聽 We partner with the best fertility services and point you in the right direction to get the support you need, so that you can close down your screen and focus on doing your yoga practice!

  • Tracking devices and apps
  • Fertility Testing
  • Fertility Nutrition
  • Fertility Acupuncture
  • Supplements
  • IVF clinics
  • Egg and Sperm donation
  • Embryo transfer



聽Women, previously diagnosed as infertile,
who participated in a fertility yoga and meditation program

x3 increased chances of pregnancy聽
55%聽conceived within 6 months
IVF success rates more than doubled!


聽Enjoy full access immediately

聽Change or cancel聽your plan anytime.聽 And if it doesn't meet your needs, get a full refund up to 14 days after purchase

Fertility Yoga


Fertility yoga first steps

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  • Fertility yoga e-Book
  • Menstrual phase yoga聽
  • Fertility yoga anytime
  • Womb energy breath meditation
  • Fertility yoga product guide
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Fertility Yoga Membership

拢119 monthly

Yoga on-demand + livestream classes and community calls

  • Fertility yoga聽livestream

  • Weekly community calls

  • Fertility yoga聽videos
  • Meditation audios

  • Guided fertility massage

  • IVF yoga & meditation
  • Your cycle & fertility tutorials
  • Tracking, testing & supplements explained
  • Toxins & skin care
  • Microbiome care
  • Monthly challenges

  • Community messaging

  • Livestream replay library
  • 24/7 Email support


1-1 Fertility Coaching

鈧289 monthly

Full membership + 1-1 Coaching

  • Personalized聽approach
  • 1-1 Weekly yoga & coaching

I can help you.聽

Whether you are struggling with anxiety and decision making, or would like personal support and special variations for endometriosis, fibroids, miscarriage, back pain etc.

Let's create your plan and I'll be with you all the way!

Limited spaces / application only



I know that after trying for a long time or struggling with fertility, reading every blog and taking every supplement, it can be hard to imagine that something so simple, like yoga can have such an impact. But I can assure聽 you that when you truly embrace a practice that relaxes your nervous system, stimulates your reproductive glands and aligns with your hormonal cycle

Our students report within just 3 months of practice

Getting and staying pregnant naturally
聽Regular and pain-free periods
Higher number of eggs retrieved
Improved embryo quality
Thicker uterine lining
Successful fertile embryo transfer
Relief from symptoms of Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids and Acne



  • 2 Fertility yoga videos
  • Womb Meditation audio
  • Fertility yoga e-Book
  • Fertility聽yoga product guide
  • 1-1 consultation call (15 mins)